#1 Anese Cavanaugh on the IEP Method for Female Creatives – Podcast

Today, we are excited to share the first episode of our “soon-to-be-released-on-iTunes” The 3% Conference Podcast! Anese Cavanaugh joins Mindi Rosser for a discussion about how the IEP Method affects females in leadership. View (or listen in to) the video below. Here are some topics we discussed: Can you tell us about you, your background […]

Take your vacation. PLEASE.

This is my husband and me at the Grand Canyon. For the very first time. I believe my exact words upon seeing this magnificence were: HOLY SH**! This was stop 3 on a road trip we took last week while our kids were on spring break. I’m doing so much travel for 3% these days […]

CD Bootcamp: Because being a good Creative doesn’t prepare you to be a good Creative Director.

Guest post by Rebecca Rivera.   It’s no surprise so many ACDs stumble a bit the first time they take on a Director role. No one teaches Creatives how to go from being a rock star that consistently comes up with good ideas to being the leader of a team that collaborates well and sells ideas […]

Sex Sells. But What’s The Cost?

We’ve all seen them. Women in various stages of undress, draping themselves around the latest designer handbag. Or flask of perfume. Or bottle of seltzer water. Just flip through a fashion magazine. Check out the bus shelter. Or turn on the TV. Sex in advertising is everywhere. Researcher and professor of advertising and public relations […]

White Male Privilege: an awesome response to those who deny it exists.

All in all, men have been tremendous allies to The 3% Conference. Some amazingly so. Yet every so often, someone chimes in that the world is a meritocracy, that a good portfolio trumps all, and — scariest of all — that white guys just seem to be inherently better at stuff than the rest of […]

Can’t Find a Woman for Your Ad Show Jury, Conference or Panel? Try the 50/50 Directory.

Have you heard the reasons advertising event organizers give for not including women as speakers, panelists and jurors at conferences and award shows? “We only know male creative directors.” “We didn’t think about it – and we already filled our panel.” “We invited a woman – she said she couldn’t make it.” “We looked – […]

Super Bowl Tweetup: Women Who Make the Ads Want to Make Them Better for Us All

This post c/o guest blogger, Nicole Marquis.   It was a Super Bowl party unlike any other. Where female Creative Directors gathered together at west and east coast ad agencies to tweet about the winners and losers of the evening. And the game took a back seat to the commercials. At the end of the […]

Announcing the 3% Super Bowl XLVIII Tweetup.

Ahhhh, Super Bowl. The fateful Sunday when one loser appears on the field and many appear during the commercial breaks. Any brand that fails to make a connection with almost half the viewing audience  — to the tune of $4 million dollars — has fumbled for sure. When you consider that women influence more than […]

5 Things to Shed from the Year of the Snake

Happy 2014, 3 Percenters. Here’s what I hope each of us can release this year, to make space for major transformation that the ad world sorely needs: Apologizing: Banish the words “I’m sorry” from your vocabulary right now. Erase them from your outgoing voicemail message (“I’m sorry I’m not here to take your call…”) and, […]

3% Conference 2013 Student Poster Winners

We awarded several scholarships for students to attend October’s 3% Conference. The submission process tasked student creative teams to dream up posters for the event. We received a remarkable array of submissions from ad schools all over the country. All the winning submissions were featured in a slideshow during our event but we want to […]

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