Holly Buchanan is the head of Buchanan Marketing LLC, a consultancy specializing in marketing and selling to women based in Richmond, Virginia. She has worked with hundreds of clients including brands like Genworth Financial, American General Life, Summit Credit Union, Waterford, GE Healthcare, and HP. Holly is the author of Selling Financial Services to Women – What Men Need to Know and Even Women Will Be Surprised to Learn. She is the co-author (along with Michele Miller) of The Soccer Mom Myth – Today’s Female Consumer, Who She Really Is, Why She Really Buys.

Holly is a popular speaker, author and consultant. Her expertise is understanding the differences between men and women, how they make decisions, communicate and buy products and services. She helps companies increase their bottom line by being more successful in attracting, marketing to and selling to women as well as couples. Holly also works with professional women on how to increase their success in connecting with and selling to men.



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